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Our Story

Evolve Broadband, a DBA of Evolve Cellular, a Texas corporation, acquired 700 MHz licensed LTE spectrum (Band 17) for 13 counties in Central and South Texas from the FCC in 2009 via what was known as FCC Auction 73. In that same auction, AT&T and Verizon spent over $16 billion for similar LTE spectrum licenses in different areas across the United States. Evolve Broadband is responsible for building out our 13 counties in Texas.
Many people are familiar with the Verizon marketing saying “It’s the Network.” We at Evolve Broadband agree. We have recently begun deploying 5G massive MIMO and beamforming technology to upgrade our capabilities in our service area. Evolve Broadband has the best frequency for its licensed areas and that is why we can and will provide the best service in our markets.

Evolve's LTE licensed spectrum provides high speed Internet service for Texas that is fast, reliable, mobile and affordable.